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          Securities Business
          Products and Services

          Security Brokerage

          Investment Banking

          Asset Management

          Fixed Income

          Bond Financing

          Margin Trading and Securities Lending

          Research and Consultancy

          Futures IB

          Service Providers

          Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd.

          Brokerage Offices of Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd.

          Dongxing Securities Investment Co., Ltd.

          Dongxing Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd...

          COAMC Group Members
          Futures IB

          The company acquired the qualification of IB business for futures companies following the approval of CSRC in 2011. At present, it has 57 business departments that develop IB business, and thousands of customers have participated in futures trading such as stock index futures, treasury bond futures, and commodity futures through our IB business. We adhere to the business principle of Sincerity, Professionalism, Innovation and Effectiveness to build a bridge between the stock market and the futures market for our customers.