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      Futures Business
      Products and Services

      Security Brokerage

      Investment Banking

      Asset Management

      Fixed Income

      Bond Financing

      Margin Trading and Securities Lending

      Research and Consultancy

      Futures IB

      Service Providers

      Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd.

      Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Brokerage Office

      Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd. Yantai Brokerage Office

      Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd. Taiyuan Brokerage Of...

      COAMC Group Members
      Investment Banking
      The company owns a sponsor institution approved by CSRC, and has the qualification of principal underwriter of corporate bond and chief agency broker of National SME Share Transfer System. The strategic goal of the investment banking business is to build a boutique investment bank that provides high-quality and comprehensive financial services to growing enterprises with good prospects. It has formed a strategic layout which is based in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and serves the whole country. The investment bank provides services like issuance and underwriting of securities (stocks, bonds, and derivatives), restructuring and reform of enterprises, financial advisor of mergers and acquisitions and asset securitization. Moreover, for enterprises that cannot be listed in stock exchanges due to limited conditions, the company can recommend them to list and finance in National SME Share Transfer System (new three board).