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      Futures Business
      Products and Services

      Security Brokerage

      Investment Banking

      Asset Management

      Fixed Income

      Bond Financing

      Margin Trading and Securities Lending

      Research and Consultancy

      Futures IB

      Service Providers

      Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd.

      Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Brokerage Office

      Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd. Yantai Brokerage Office

      Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd. Taiyuan Brokerage Of...

      COAMC Group Members
      Fixed Income
      The fixed income business covers national debt, central bank bills, policy financial debt, general financial debt, subprime debt, enterprise bond, corporate bond, short-term financing bond, medium-term note and asset securitization products. Relying on the abundant strength of the company, we can provide customers comprehensive and professional services such as bond investment adviser, trading and sales, and business consultation, which could satisfy customers’ personalized needs in time.