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      Company Business

      Deposit and loan of company client

      Bill business

      Investment bank

      International settlement

      Trade financing

      Cash management

      Small and micro finance

      Retail Business

      Savings Deposit

      Bank Card

      Personal Consumption and Business Loans

      Private Bank

      Wealth Management

      Electronic Banking

      Financial Market Business

      Interbank Deposit and Lending

      Bond Investment

      Bond Repurchase

      Market Overt

      Treasury Cash

      Bill Transfer Discount and Rediscount

      Non-standard Investment

      Financial Information Management

      Service Organization

      Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.

      Branches of Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.

      COAMC Group Members
      Interbank Deposit and Lending

      Interbank Lending Business:It is a kind of unsecured financing behavior, approved by the People's Bank of China, conducted among financial institutions that enter into national inter-bank Interbank lending market via nationally unified Interbank lending network.

      Interbank Deposit Business:It refers to interbank funds deposit-in and deposit-out business conducted between banks and financial institutions. For the fund deposit-in party should only be financial institutions with deposits absorption qualifications.

      Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.

      Customer service telephone: 4006640099