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          COAMC News
          COAMC Group Members
          Party Committee of China Orient Organizes 'July 1st' Temporary Post Assignment Exercise Seminar and Party Lecture by Secretary of Party Committee

          On July 1, 2020, with the theme of 'Build loyalty by fulfilling mission', the Party Committee of CPC of China Orient organized the 'July 1st' Temporary Post Assignment Exercise Seminar and a Party Lecture by the Secretary of Party Committee, in order to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

          Comrade Wu Yue, Secretary of the Corporation Committee of CPC and Chairman of  China Orient, gave a themed Party lecture to the Party members and cadres of the Company from the following aspects: 'improving political awareness, confirming belief, always maintaining absolute loyalty to the Party', 'getting a clear direction, highlighting main responsibilities and business, comprehensively practicing the original aspiration and mission of China Orient', and 'focusing on implementation, living up to responsibilities, making efforts to promote the high-quality development of the Company'. Wu gave an in-depth interpretation of the requirements for the practice of loyalty to the Party, systematically analyzed the missions and responsibilities of China Orient, and further identified the directions and objectives that facilitate the high-quality development of the Company.

          Wu emphasized that the Party organizations and members at all levels of the Company should confirm belief, enhance skills, keep inherent qualities, take a firm stance before major principles and a clear-cut stand before major issues of principle, stand up before tests and challenges, and blend the absolute loyalty to the Party into the soul. These organizations and members should keep the big picture in mind, focus on main business, prevent risks, remain to original aspiration, keep missions firmly in mind, take an active approach to work, make something of lives, and make the main business of NPA of the Company stronger, better and bigger. They should adapt to the situation, squarely face problems, fulfill responsibilities, remain vigilant, never slacken efforts, bear the known burdens, and overcome difficulties. They should also strive to accomplish all targets and tasks and promote the Company to obtain a sustained robust, high-quality development while preventing and controlling the pandemic in a continuous and regular way. 

          The four on-the-job exercise comrades appointed by the headquarters of China Orient in the recent two years shared their gains and experience around the theme of the event and in combination with their on-the-job exercise practices. When assuming posts in the respective regions, all these comrades have sought truth and pragmatism, gained the courage to think and act, undergone thought exercise, got the opportunity of practice in working style, expanded horizon in practice, and enriched their capabilities in hardships. They have built a platform for exchanges and cooperation between China Orient and its affiliates in local regions and expanded the social influence of the Company. 

          Comrade Deng Zhiyi, Deputy Secretary of the Corporation Committee of CPC, Executive Director and President of China Orient, presided over this meeting. Members of the Central Group of the Party Committee and Assistant Presidents of China Orient, Party members and cadres at the departments affiliated to the headquarters, directly affiliated business divisions, branches, Yunnan Operation Unit and controlling companies of the Company attended this meeting through videos.